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Jollof Rice

Soft Chicken

Fried Rice

Puff - Puff

Delectable Nigerian puff-puff: Deep-fried dough balls, sweet and irresistibly fluffy.

Goat Meat

Tender Nigerian goat meat infused with flavorful local spices and herbs.

Efo Soup

Delicious Nigerian Efo Soup: A flavorful blend of greens and assorted meats.


Grilled skewered meat (beef) with bold spices and irresistible flavor.

Local Chicken

Delicious Nigerian-style hard chicken, seasoned and cooked to perfection


Tantalizing Nigerian-style cooked turkey with aromatic spices and mouthwatering flavors

Egusi Soup

A rich, flavorful melon seed-based delicacy, bursting with traditional spices.


Savory Nigerian beef delicacy, bursting with authentic flavors in every bite.

Lunch Options

Jollof Rice with Chicken

Fragrant tomato and spice-infused rice served with succulent grilled chicken.

Egusi Soup with Eba/Pounded Yam

Traditional melon seed soup paired with pounded yam served in a smooth, fluffy texture.

Moi Moi with Plantain

Steamed bean pudding accompanied by ripe plantains for a delightful combination.

Fried Rice with Chicken

Flavorful fried rice mixed with colorful vegetables and served with tender succulent chicken.

and lots more...

Dinner Options

Pepper Soup with Yam

Hearty and flavorful pepper soup with your choice of goat meat, fish, or chicken, served with boiled yam.

Ogbono Soup with Pounded Yam

Thick and satisfying soup made with ground ogbono seeds, served with smooth pounded yam.

Nigerian Jollof Spaghetti with Beef Stew

Spaghetti cooked in a rich tomato-based sauce, served with delicious beef stew.

Moi Moi with Fried Rice

Steamed bean pudding complemented by flavorful fried rice.

and lots more...