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Nigerian Delight Catering shares the richness of Nigerian cuisine with passion.

Events We Cater

here are a few services we offer; we cater to a number of events including meal prep.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your special day with the delicious taste of Nigerian cuisine. Nigerian Delight Catering offers a range of authentic and affordable dishes to make your birthday party an unforgettable experience. 

Weekly Meal Prep

Let Nigerian Delight Catering take the hassle out of meal prep. We offer weekly meal prep services that provide delicious, and affordable meals that are perfect for busy individuals and families.



Celebrate love with authentic and affordable Nigerian cuisine from
Nigerian Delight Catering. We’ll help you create a memorable anniversary experience for vou and vour loved one.

Religious Events

Nigerian Delight Catering offers authentic Nigerian dishes for any religious event. Our diverse selection is sure to satisfy guests and create memorable occasions.

Other Events

Nigerian Delight Catering caters to various events, including corporate events and weddings. Impress your guests with our authentic Nigerian dishes and let us create a customized menu to suit your needs and budget.

A Few Words About Us

Serving the greater New York Area

We are a Nigerian food catering services that specialize in providing authentic, delicious, and affordable Nigerian dishes for events and occasions. Our goal is to bring the vibrant flavors of Nigerian cuisine to a wider audience while providing excellent customer service and a memorable dining experience.

Our Food Policy

At Nigerian Delight Catering, we are committed to providing our customers with delicious and authentic Nigerian cuisine while prioritizing food safety and quality. Our food policy is centered around sourcing fresh and high-quality ingredients, adhering to strict hygiene standards, and employing trained and knowledgeable staff. We follow traditional recipes and cooking techniques to ensure the rich flavors and unique taste of Nigerian dishes are preserved. We are dedicated to accommodating dietary preferences and allergies, offering a diverse menu that caters to various needs. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to create memorable dining experiences by delivering exceptional service and maintaining a clean and welcoming environment.

Our Core Values

At Nigerian Delight Catering, our core values are deeply rooted in our culture and passion for exceptional culinary experiences. We strive for authenticity, bringing the vibrant flavors and traditions of Nigerian cuisine to every dish we serve. Quality is our priority, using only the finest ingredients and techniques to create flavorful and memorable meals. We value inclusivity, embracing diversity and welcoming all guests to share in the richness of Nigerian culture through our food. With a commitment to excellence, we aim to exceed expectations, delivering exceptional service and creating lasting connections with our customers.

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Arthur Lee

Founder / Head Chef

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Co-Founder / Chef